Nikola Marković

СТЕРЕО БОЛ (Stereo Pain) was conceived as a ritual practice for healing anxiety and depression disorders by plunging  into a sort of mysticism; religious and folk superstitions of the Balkan heritage. Undergoing newly created, personal, accustomed,  paradox-rituals, an individual aims at overcoming a burden of their ancestry: genetic, material and immaterial, cultural, psychological, using ceremonial […]

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Kristina Nikolić / Deska.Deska

IDEAL I saw little but really black spider in my mother’s hair I removed it My parents divorced at my age 23. My father cheated on my mother while she was pregnant with me, that was only his first time. I have younger brother also. My parents lived together 25 years. These objects are made […]

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Milica Mijajlović

Easttopics is proud to present Milica Mijajlović’s first solo exhibition in Hungary as a result of the young artist’s residency in Budapest. Featuring her most recent paintings on textile as well as objects and a video piece realized specifically for this show, the project explores the artist’s reminiscences about the Yugoslav war, more precisely about […]

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Filip Miletić

Done in openFrameworks and rendered with OpenGL. As an input this program takes picture of different properties and dimensions, which are mapped into 3d space depending on propterties of input picture (brightness, colors, …). Experimentation with translating various inputs into virtual spaces are the main theme of this experiment. Possibilities are endless yet space and […]

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Luka Ličina

The video was created during a workshop called Real Presence in Belgrade, Serbia. A girl posted a video of herself being baptized, I took the video from her youtube and edited it, aiming to question the possibility of choice in this kind of situation. The music and sound effects, along with many repetitions, help to […]

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