The Give me a hug in The White Cube gallery is a project that aims to question the predetermined physical space for artistic practices, it tries to overcome the distance between the artist, gallery and the viewer and overcome the boundaries set by institutions. Using the internet, it brings close the artists and viewers and negates the physical distance. The gallery functions as an online platform provided for the artist and the viewer with a goal to provoke a discussion, reaction, feedback. As a part of the exhibition for The Prosthetic pavilion at The Wrong biennial, there will be organized a number of live streamed performances, which will be announced on our website and on the Prosthetic pavilion.

The White Cube Gallery was opened during the autumn semester of 2018. It was working in a cube shaped dorm room in Xi’An academy of Fine Arts, China. The idea was to overcome the burden of institutions using self-given power.

contact: spalajkovictamara@gmail.com