Lizaveta Hrydziushka

Selfterapie, video, 23min, 2018.

The video is a non-permanent video-diary exposing existential and spiritual crisis of modern youth through the image of myself. The work consists of the answers to 6 questions, that I formulate on the base of my psychological problems. The main intention was to find the reasons of my negative emotions. With the help of self reflection I was trying to lead audience to identity with me and to answer the following questions: 1. Why don’t I love myself? 2. Why am I afraid of creating? 3. What if I will never be the person that I want to be? 4. Why do I live? 5. Why am I doing, everything that I am doing and why am I here, where I am now? 6. Why am I alone on my way? I used a front-facing camera on my IPhone SE, which I had near at hand every time when I needed to document my thoughts. Shooting was longing 2 months; at the beginning i was filming regularly every day. Later it was more naturally and I was filming it unregularly, only when I wanted. During shooting and post production I abided by chronology. Sometimes I stopped the filming purposefully, sometimes I just forget to answer some of the questions. The most important things for me were naturalness and sincerity.

Lizaveta Hrydziushka is an art student from Brno, Czech Republic originally from Vitebsk, Belarus; her main media is video. She is working on the topic called New Sincerity.

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