Atelier Video FaVU Brno

This studio is a creative environment in which critical discussion is made about artistic projects characteristic of different outputs in the field of production and presentation of moving images. Understanding the subject of the study in an interdisciplinary manner is the basic premise of the approach. The outputs of the studio’s students can be located across media and it is natural for members of this studio to open discussions which are not necessarily related to the genre or formal limitations of the audiovisual realm as such. Video carries with it both historical contexts of the field of history of audiovisual art and of contemporary forms of handling moving images which are defined not only by specific technologies, but primarily by the contexts of viewership or presentation. The aim is not to develop or teach students partial principles of handling the material or the image but quite the opposite: we emphasize the ability to define the topic, the chosen approaches, and the maneuvering between the studio’s confines and possible spaces of presentation.

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