Tereza Vinklarkova / Gloriya Komarova

In the work Too Cool To Pretend To Care Gloriya Komarova is profiling herself into a millenial, who slowly begins to suffer by environmental threats. For her own knowledges and percieving information, but also for communication with the closest surrounding, she using social platforms and videos in form of vlog genre. In short instructional sketches, balancing between irony and authentic statement, Gloriya is demonstrating solutions for climate change by geoengineering strategies. Geoengineering is targeted human intervention into natural proccesses, mainly to at least temporary or permanently cool Earth down. For its critics is problematic because it makes people to create their own fake belief, which refuses any change of their lifestyles or social arrangements.

The aim of the project is to catch consumerism approach of society, millenial culture, fake news and at the same time global and society-wide transformation. It presents stylized post-ironical statement slightly narcissistic millenials, whose main platform for self-expresion became social network and force us to make a reflection of the amount of information, by what we are sourrounded everyday, and talk about the need of its selection.

Tereza Vinklarkova (born 1996 in Havirov), in social network world and arts, Gloriya Komarova is an artist based in Brno, Czech Republic. She is a student of master at Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Currently, she is concerned in her art practice by selfie culture and its post-irony. By Fake news and political, global and social-wide transformations. She works through wide range of media, using online platforms and social networks. The installations containing a lot of textile objects evoking in us some kind of comfort and safe space. Gloriya is a part of girl collective lilky_60200.

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