THYME is a project built on a synergy of two persons, brother and sister, and two instruments from different times and musical worlds, yet they complement each other with respect and appreciation. Inspired by the experience of playing in a symphonic orchestra, folklore ensemble, just as much as listening to ambient and experimental music composers […]

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Atelier Video FaVU Brno

This studio is a creative environment in which critical discussion is made about artistic projects characteristic of different outputs in the field of production and presentation of moving images. Understanding the subject of the study in an interdisciplinary manner is the basic premise of the approach. The outputs of the studio’s students can be located […]

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Lizaveta Hrydziushka

The video is a non-permanent video-diary exposing existential and spiritual crisis of modern youth through the image of myself. The work consists of the answers to 6 questions, that I formulate on the base of my psychological problems. The main intention was to find the reasons of my negative emotions. With the help of self […]

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Nemanja Jovanović

Nemanja Jovanović (1990, Belgrade, Serbia) Graduated at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, Oriental studies department. He is exploring visual philosophy, painting, photography, video, graphology and others. Currently he is enrolled in master studies of Chinese ancient literature at Xiamen University, China. I use the camera to capture the moments that I consider to have […]

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Kristýna Sidlárová

To death with a smile. There is no need to fear death. Once your digital persona is uploaded you will be conserved forever. Kristýna Sidlárová alias sida100 is an emerging artist working mainly in digital media and installation. She is currently studying a Fine Art Masters at Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. She explores the […]

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Ugly Brno

Ugly Brno is a joint project of Risto Ilic and Johannes Christian Trostler. It revolves around the work of the winner of the last Czech Grand Design Veronika Rút Nováková and her “Manual of Good Practice and the advertising and labeling of shops in the city center of Brno”. This manual was created with the […]

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Tereza Vinklarkova / Gloriya Komarova

In the work Too Cool To Pretend To Care Gloriya Komarova is profiling herself into a millenial, who slowly begins to suffer by environmental threats. For her own knowledges and percieving information, but also for communication with the closest surrounding, she using social platforms and videos in form of vlog genre. In short instructional sketches, […]

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Nikola Marković

СТЕРЕО БОЛ (Stereo Pain) was conceived as a ritual practice for healing anxiety and depression disorders by plunging  into a sort of mysticism; religious and folk superstitions of the Balkan heritage. Undergoing newly created, personal, accustomed,  paradox-rituals, an individual aims at overcoming a burden of their ancestry: genetic, material and immaterial, cultural, psychological, using ceremonial […]

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Kristina Nikolić / Deska.Deska

IDEAL I saw little but really black spider in my mother’s hair I removed it My parents divorced at my age 23. My father cheated on my mother while she was pregnant with me, that was only his first time. I have younger brother also. My parents lived together 25 years. These objects are made […]

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Milica Mijajlović

Easttopics is proud to present Milica Mijajlović’s first solo exhibition in Hungary as a result of the young artist’s residency in Budapest. Featuring her most recent paintings on textile as well as objects and a video piece realized specifically for this show, the project explores the artist’s reminiscences about the Yugoslav war, more precisely about […]

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